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Welcome to African Artville, the premier marketers of 21st Century Africa to the World!

We encourage you to explore, learn some more about this exciting continent and its people, art and culture. You will find amazing African art works by notable artists, read about art trends and gain some cultural experience and insight about Africa. You will discover great and current ideas at our “What’s New?” page. At our “Artist’s Profile” page, you will read all about the artist in order to understand “The Art Work.” You will then have an opportunity to befriend and adopt these artists through various forms of sponsorship. Eventually, you could even subscribe to the “African Art 2000 online Magazine”, helping us build a readership clientele that will eventually transform into a traditional edition of the online magazine.

Before you depart, pick up some souvenirs and share your thoughts with us in the form of suggestions and, or comments.

Representation of violence

African Art

With African Artville, we are promoting artists through their various national art departments, supporting them to stay and produce art within their communities. Transforming original African artworks into limited posters, Postcards, wearable art etc., thus giving consumers an opportunity to have access to African works of art and designs. Customers will also have an opportunity to order customized reproductions on limited basis.

From time to time, sponsoring art competitions among indigenous African artists while at the same time encouraging the spread and sharing of ideas among the artists. Building a link between African art, and art of the African Diaspora.

Explore African Art

Michael During's 1999 Invasion

Michael During’s 1999 Invasion

This is an invitation to explore African art, its people and their culture through the eyes of numerous African artists, some well known and some just starting their artistic career. 

Contemporary African artists are a growing sector of the population and their work is vivid, vibrant and progressively historical in their depictions. Their works are now beginning to be shown word-wide; if your local gallery isn’t showing African artists then put in a request and pass them our details as we can put them in touch with amazing artists. 

Whether we are talking about professional painters, sculptors, designers, architects or we are just following the trend of commercial painters, the so-called “street artists,” one thing is clear:

We are experiencing Africa at its most illuminating form.


Who is the artist?

Power madnessIs the artist an idealist or a trendsetter? What about a storyteller or a historian? Can the artist be folkloric or an agitator? These are some of the questions that African Artville is exploring.

Creating a forum for African expressive art and art of the African Diaspora allows for answers to these questions. Through African Artville, we will harvest the many African talents available to stimulate expressive imagination, and to visually tell Africa’s story for the present and, posterity.

African Artville is the forum for African artists to express and convey their individual artistic experiences, collectively exciting scholarly attention while at the same time reaching out to a broader audience. 

This is your opportunity to experience African art at its finest.


African dancers

African dancers

Cultural Diversity

Every artist brings out the Africa of his nationality thus adding to the intricate web of African cultural diversity and yet, blending cohesively with the natural and historic elements of a continent hosting a multitude of ethnicity on a massive land mass.

Each country will be classified as an “Art Department,” where several subjects and topics in art will be available. This is to ease exploration and to make available art from everywhere on the continent and its Diaspora.

It was nice meeting you. Please come back soon and bring a friend along.

From all of us at African Artville!