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Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War.

Another AYM endeavor involves utilizing the arts to depict, discuss, and define the trauma experienced in war-torn African societies. The goal of the art is to begin not only reconciliation, but also achieve violence prevention.

Inspired by European and African artists of conscience (Goya, Picasso, Bosch, and Malangatana), AYM staged “Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War.” The art depicted the ravages of war, serving as a both a catharsis of trauma and a catalyst for conflict resolution.

The exhibition also engages the world’s collective memory, placing the tragedy of Sierra Leone Civil War in the context of wars in modern history, from Napoleon’s invasion of Spain, through World War II to Vietnam, on up to the present in Liberia, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. AYM’s exhibition aimed to educate African and Western audiences of a shared experience and responsibility, building a bridge from disinterest to involvement.

This exhibition catalog and conference proceedings, ISBN 0-615-12818-1 edited by Patrick K. Muana and Chris Corcoran, highlights the despicable agony that the people of Sierra Leone endured during eleven years of civil war.

Representations of Violence includes 41 color reproductions of the art that appeared in the exhibition of the same name as well as scholarly work addressing issues of violence and art and the Sierra Leone civil war by notable scholars from Europe, Africa and the United States. Representations of Violence is a must have for Sierra Leoneans, friends of Sierra Leone, humanitarian workers, human rights advocates, art historians, artists, art lovers, Africanists or anyone curious about matters relating to international relations and the role of politics in creating conflicts in Africa and beyond.

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