Exhibits – past African art events

Sierra Leone art

The various past African art events and pictures are listed here showing artists and their representations of Sierra Leone art from the period of the civil war.

Examples of Sierra Leone art.

Marco - Strip

Marco – Strip

Michael During's 1999 Invasion

Michael During’s 1999 Invasion

Simeon Benedict Sesay - Handiwork

Simeon Benedict Sesay – Handiwork








Various artists. Representations of Violence – Art of the Sierra Leone war

March 2003, Potter Butts Gallery, Wisconsin, America. This exhibition allowed art to reflect on contemporary history.


Specific African artists, their work and bios:

Mende Art: Masking Spirits Across the Seas

This exhibition was scheduled for implementation in late 2005 or early 2006 depending on the availability of venue and grants. The 21st Century African youth Movement is envisaging showcasing several significant masking traditions of the Mende people in the South and Eastern Provinces of Sierra Leone. These will be the Gorboi, Kongoli, Nafaiyeh, Jaweh Yafei and the women’s masking tradition, the Sowei.

Sahr Ellie: A Village Under Attack

During the Sierra Leone civil war, it was a common thing to attack armless villagers. Innocent civilians were killed without sympathy.

Michael During: 1999 Invasion

The Sierra Leone civil war started in 1999. This is Michael During’s art from the beginning of the Sierra Leone conflict.

Septimus Roy-Thompson: Another Face Ten Years Ago

This wall hanging shows from left to right the atrocities committed by the rebels. You can see dead bodies, amputations, and people moving from their houses, houses on fire.

Septimus Roy-Thompson: Another Face Ten Years Ago 2

This wall hanging show from left to right; the entering of rebels from the East by beating drums during the advance

Amadu Tarawallie: 10 Years of Violence

Sierra Leone art after ten years of the civil war.

Isata Sowa: Bad News

The wailing women are a constant reminder of the carnage of war in Sierra Leone

Rodney Oluwole  Temple: Bloody Wednesday

Sierra Leone art showing how the war and poverty combined.

Rodney Oluwole  Temple: R Temple 02

A picture reflecting on the civil war.

Osman Tuzy  Kamason: Big Trouble After Intervention

At Magbosi village a few miles from Mile 91, soldiers and rebels captured a man accused of giving information to the FM 98.1 radio station.

Marcoh S. Conteh: Doomsday

January 6, 1999 when rebels overran Freetown. People, especially women suffered in their hands.

Marcoh S. Conteh: Return of Democracy

Democracy returns to Sierra Leone after the long civil war.

Marcoh S. Conteh: Strip

The mayhem of January 6, 1999. Women and girls became victims of inhuman rebels who entered Freetown.

Simeon Benedict Sesay: Handiwork Of Child Combatants

“Living through the Civil War, I saw some of the atrocities committed by the RUF from 1991 to 2000.”

Francis Johnson: various

Traditional art from the African artist, Francis Johnson.

Peligah: Various

The works of Ghanian Art Educator, Peligah.