Osman Tuzy Kamason

Artist  Osman Tuzy  Kamason

Osman Tuzy  Kamason - Big Trouble After Intervention

Osman Tuzy Kamason – Big Trouble After Intervention


Title  Big Trouble After Intervention
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Date  1/14/2002

With ECOMOG intervention in 1998, the soldiers and rebels were repelled from the city. They became desperate and bloody, committed a wave of attrocities. At Magbosi village a few miles from Mile 91, they captured a man accused of giving information to the FM 98.1 radio station. He was stripped naked and drowned in a well. His family were captured and amputated.

The rebels and junta soldiers laid ambushes and killed passengers at random.

Name:  Osman Tuzy  Kamason
Birthdate:  9/25/1968
Freetown, Western Area, Sierra Leone

Osman Tuzy  Kamason attended the Freetown Grammer School. At school, he trained in different areas such as painting, carving, engraving, sculpture, batik and gara tie and dyeing. In 1993, he was commissioned to create a statue that was erected in BO, the second largest city in Sierra Leone. The work was to bring to attention the rebel war and its attrocities. It was titled “Soldier Killed Rebel.”

Osman Tuzy  Kamason graduated with a painting and decorating diploma from the Government Technical Institute, Kissy, Freetown in 1999. Currently, he works as an artist in the research and planning department of the Sierra Leone police Force as the police artist. He is married with three children.