Sahr Ellie: A Village Under Attack

Artist  Sahr Ellie

A Village Under Attack

A Village Under Attack

Title  A Village Under Attack
Image Dimensions 20 1/2
Physical Dimensions
Medium  Water Color On Vanguard
Date  1/1/1998

Village Under Attack:During the war, it was a common thing to attack armless villagers. Innocent civilians were killed without sympathy. Even pregnant women were not spared. People were forced to stay in the houses while they were put on fire. Anyone attempting to escape will face a more heinous consequence. Women were raped at random and babies snatched from the parents and killed, sometimes by throwing them into the river and letting them drown. The Sierra Leone crisis is an endless story of gruesome atrocities, unthinkable in a civilized world.

Name:  Sahr Ellie
Birthdate:  3/18/1957
Sowolla Village, Gbane Chiefdom, Kono District, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone

Sahr Ellie attended the Roman Catholic Elementary School from 1962 to 69 and the Methodist City Mission Elementary School from 1969 to 70. He then proceeded to the Government Secondary Technical School, Freetown from 1970 to 77, He is currently a senior artist at the General Workshop for the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and attached to the Health Education Division. His work entails designing visual aids for the Health Education Unit. He is married with three children