Simeon Benedict Sesay

Artist  Simeon Benedict Sesay

Simeon Benedict Sesay - Handiwork

Simeon Benedict Sesay – Handiwork Of Child Combatants

Title  Handiwork Of Child Combatants
Image Dimensions
Physical Dimensions
Medium  Water Color On Paper
Date  1/5/1999






Name:  Simeon Benedict Sesay
Birthdate:  1/1/2001
Freetown, Sierra Leone


Simeon Benedict Sesay

Simeon Benedict Sesay


Simeon Benedict Sesay is a 34 year old self trained artist living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He attended the St. Edwards Secondary School from 1979 to 1986. He is currently working with the Ministry of Health as an artist in the Health Education Division. He did not attend any institution to be trained as an artist. He has a natural talent which he tried very hard to develop and has been very fortunate to win a couple of competitions at a national level.

Sesay’s career with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation started when the former Manager of Health Education Division; who happened to be his neighbor saw a few of his illustrations and became interested. he asked him to work as an artist with the Ministry after his graduation. He readily agreed.

In 1986, Sesay got employment at the Ministry of Health. he has been working there ever since. He is a single father with two kids, Simeon Jr eleven years old and Henrietta, 9 years old.

Living through the Civil War, I saw some of the atrocities committed by the RUF from 1991 to 2000. Looking back, I try as best possible to depict some of the horrors that were committed by the RUF, such as, executing pregnant women, hacking off limbs and hands, destruction of houses (public and private), raping, looting, and the horror goes on and on. The consequences of these atrocities were mass displacement, overcrowding in displacement camps with little or no sanitation facilities leading to a rise in sickness and disease, a rise in dependency and a fall in the standard of living. The blue huts in my paintings represent displacement camps.