Who are we

The 21st Century African Youth Movement is a social entrepreneurial organization that is committed to bringing people and resources together to address social issues in Africa.


AYM activities are divided into three major programs:

African Artville

Global Learning and Sharing Endeavor

Sierra Leone Travels

Our Objectives:

  • To inspire the youth of Africa to come together and work for the good of Africa.
  • To organize the youth of Africa and the African Diaspora for participation in the global pursuit of Peace, Justice and Human Rights in Africa.
  • To link the youth of Africa to the African Diaspora.
  • To develop and promote volunteerism among youth for  individual and community development.
  • To participate and work with youth from other nationalities, regions and creed for the betterment of Africa.
  • To encourage the full and effective participation of African youth in the affairs of their communities and in decision-making.
  • To improve local initiatives and control over resources that affect African youth and the communities in which they live.
  • To create the AYM Grassroots Leadership institutions for the promotion of Youth entrepreneurship, community participation, civic responsibility and human rights.


Our mission:

Fostering African Expressive and visual Culture by providing a forum for African artists to reach a broader audience


Brief History of the 21st Century African Youth Movement

November 1992: 
Federal Employer Identification Number issued to 21st Century African Youth Movement (AYM).
December 1992: 
AYM registered in Wisconsin.
March 1993: 
First AYM meeting  held at 933 Williamson Street, Madison, Wisconsin.
May 1993: 
first Fundraiser organized at the Cardinal Bar 418 E. Wilson, Madison, WI.
June 1993: 
Day of African Child organized at the Madison Children’s Museum.
July 1993:
Second Fundraiser organized at the Cardinal Bar 418 E. Wilson, Madison, WI.
November 1993:
Askia Guest on local radio WORT to discuss AYM vision.
June 1994: 
Day of African Child organized at the Madison Children’s Museum.
August 1999:
Online Discussion group and Ebay Account  established.
October 1999: 
First AYM Chapter opens in Sierra Leone.
July 6, 2000: 
Askia is Guest on VOA TV to Africa “Africa Youth and Society.”
January 2003: 
Mattru Jong Project gets a boost with the donation of Land in Mattru.
March 2003:
Successful planned and implemented “Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War” exhibit at the University of Wisconsin Potter Butts Gallery.
July 24 2003: 
Askia is Guest of VOA TV to Africa entitled “Shaping Africa’s Future: – Do Young Africans in the Diaspora Share the Dream of the African Union/NEPAD?”
July 26 2003: 
Guest: “Askia” talks about AYM Music Project on National Public Radio local station WHA with Jeanne Ferraca’s ‘Here on Earth.”
September 2003: 
AYM holds first Shared Vision Meeting and unveils future project: “Masking Spirits Across the Seas: The Richness of Mende Culture and its Impact on America.”